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Sant Llorenç de Montgai and Camarasa






Sant Llorenç de Montgai belongs to the municipality of Camarasa, just 50 minutes from Lleida. Camarasa is well-known for its spectacular scenery and for being the gateway to the Pre-Pyrenees. Its mountains are the first ones that visitors see as they head towards the Pyrenees from the Lleida Plain. They include areas for both sporting and classical rock-climbing.

Popularity of the zone
In most of its sectors, there is shade until 2 pm. The exception is the Solárium, where there is sun all day. This is a zone which is recommended for climbing in the morning, in autumn, winter, spring and summer.

Easily accessible. There are routes at the road level and also within a 45-minute walk, in the case of the Solárium sector. It is necessary to follow an iron way to reach the Fashion and Selva sectors. It is easy to find a parking place near the rock-climbing sectors.

Vantage points and emblematic locations
The Cova de Disblia, at Sant Llorenç de Montgai, is a very emblematic grotto with climbing routes of great quality. It is also very near the area where people can leave their cars.

Chris’s ties with the zone
Chris has lived at Sant Llorenç for 6 years and has a house there. He loves the zone because of its spectacular scenery and all of the possibilities that it offers: it is possible to enjoy many sports here, including trekking, kayaking, fishing, rock-climbing and MTB… It is an ideal place to visit with the family.


Dificultat de les vies: From V to 9a
Metres de les vies: 15 to 100
Equip: Bolts
Ressenyes existents del sector:
Popularitat de la zona: 3
Tipus de roca: Limestone


Fàcil accés des de carretera: 5
S'ha de caminar:
Temps de caminada: From 0 to 45'
Tipus de terreny: 3
Proximitat des de Lleida: 50'
Carretera d'accés en bon estat: 5
Fàcil d'aparcar: 5


Cova de Disblia
Relació d'en Chris amb el sector: 5