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Oliana, Contrafort de Rumbau and Peramola

Alt Urgell





Oliana is a very popular and well-known climbing zone. In part, this is thanks to the infl uence of Chris Sharma. The main sector at Oliana is that of the Contrafort de Rumbau, in the municipality of Peramola, in the comarca of L’Alt Urgell.

Popularity of the zone
This is a zone for modern climbing, which is visited by the best international climbers who come to put their skills to the test on its routes. It is the place in the world with the greatest concentration of high-difficulty routes. It is also a good place for climbers with little experience. At the same time as fi nding routes of lesser diffi culty, climbers can enjoy and learn from the spectacle offered by some of the best climbers on the planet.

There is a 5-minute drive along a track and then a 10-minute walk uphill to get to the climbing area. There is quite a steep path through the forest which has been heavily eroded by the great number of climbers using it. There can be problems finding somewhere to park because this location is usually busy and it is necessary to park on the track itself.

Vantage points and emblematic locations
The Oliana area is very emblematic, in itself, thanks to its landscapes. In addition, it has various vantage points that provide some tremendous views.

Chris’s ties with the zone
Chris feels a close connection with the Oliana area because it is where he has been able to develop his own vision of rock-climbing. It is a place on which he has left his mark by equipping the rock and where he has put together his most diffi cult route: the Dura, Dura: a 9b+.


Dificultat de les vies: From V to 9b+
Orientació: SOUTH-EAST
Metres de les vies: 20 to 50m Sporting | +300m Dam wall
Equip: Bolts
Ressenyes existents del sector:
Popularitat de la zona: 4.5
Tipus de roca: Limestone
Nombre de vies: 60


Fàcil accés des de carretera: 3
S'ha de caminar:
Temps de caminada: From 10' to 1h taking the long route
Tipus de terreny: 2
Proximitat des de Lleida: 1h 30'
Carretera d'accés en bon estat: 4
Fàcil d'aparcar: 3


Pantà d'Oliana
Massís de Sant Honorat
Relació d'en Chris amb el sector: 5
Nombre de vies obertes per en Chris: 5