The land of olive oil and ancient echoes

The comarca of L’Urgell is one of ancient echoes. It belongs to The Cistercian Route, which brings together some of the best examples of Gothic monastic architecture in the whole of Catalonia. This dates from a time when olive oil was already a staple product and a coveted golden elixir. This is a product which has shaped landscapes of balanced and, at the same time, vibrant beauty, courtesy of the hard work and skill of smallholder farmers. This is an agricultural and skilled food-producing activity that offers us an exceptional extra virgin olive oil, its own unique gastronomy, and a growing offer of olive oil tourism.

Even the landscape of L’Urgell is the product of olive oil, wine and cereals: one of the most classical of Mediterranean combinations. Following the trail of the olive, and olive oil, between crops, terraces and dry-stone walls, sheltered by settlements of medieval origin, is tantamount to letting yourself be captivated by the landscapes of a rural Catalonia that is still very much alive. This is a rural part of Catalonia, where agriculture and nature go hand-in-hand and coexist in complete harmony.

Fruit of this agrarian activity, and of the increasingly demanding transformation of the products of the comarca of L’Urgell, have emerged a growing wine tourism and an ambitious olive oil tourism; these are indispensable complements for all those who decide to come and discover this land.





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