''Pica d'Estats'' Prize

The Board of Tourism of the Diputació de Lleida has resolved the 33rd International Tourist Award ”Pica de Estats” of Press, Radio, Television and Internet, with a financial endowment of .45,000, distributed in 8 categories.

The “Pica de Estates” Award is addressed to the information and communication professionals who have published or broadcast journalistic works in any possible genre, extension and format (radio, television, press and Internet) on the tourist attractions of the Pyrenees and the Lands of Lleida.

The award has a prestige recognition, both for the quality of the works presented and for the level of the members of the jury, as well as the rigour and commitment of the College of Journalists of Catalonia, which historically participates in the chairing of the jury. To date, the “Pica de Estates” Award has recorded 4,725 newspaper works, corresponding to more than 460 media outlets worldwide, and has awarded reports of 287 journalists.

Works and Journalists Awarded

Best written press article containing general information

Article “Por las riberas del Segre. Brindis en la colina del vino“, by Carlos Pascual, which was published in the newspaper “El País”.

Best specialised press publication

Article “El romànic a l’alt país d’Urgell“, by Albert Villaró, which was published in the magazine “Descobrir Catalunya”.

Best international press publication

Television space “Food Safari Catalunha chapter 1“, presented by the chef Paulo Coelho Machado Neto.


Programme “Volando Voy. El Pallars Jussà“, by Zanskar Producciones SL, hosted by Jesús Calleja and broadcast by the television station “Cuatro”.


Report “La Roda de la vida comença a Llessui“, by the photographer Jordi Borràs, which was published in “La Mira”.


Programme “Noguera 432, territori d’ermites” (within the programme “Camins del Pla i la Muntanya”), made by Nil Ortiz and Clara Adsuar and broadcast by “Radio Balaguer”.


Series of articles entitled “Joc de Dames“, published by the journalist Rosa Matas at “lavanguardia.com”.

Local media and communications from the Lands of Lleida

Work “De Turisme per les Garrigues“, which was published in the bimonthly school publication “Som Canalla”.

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Relationship of members of the jury of the 'Pica d'Estats' prize in different editions of the award

Relationship of ''Pica d'Estats'' prize laureates in different editions of the award

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