''Pica d'Estats'' Prize

The Board of Tourism of the Diputació de Lleida has resolved the 33rd International Tourist Award ”Pica de Estats” of Press, Radio, Television and Internet, with a financial endowment of .45,000, distributed in 8 categories.

The “Pica de Estates” Award is addressed to the information and communication professionals who have published or broadcast journalistic works in any possible genre, extension and format (radio, television, press and Internet) on the tourist attractions of the Pyrenees and the Lands of Lleida.

The award has a prestige recognition, both for the quality of the works presented and for the level of the members of the jury, as well as the rigour and commitment of the College of Journalists of Catalonia, which historically participates in the chairing of the jury. To date, the “Pica de Estates” Award has recorded 4,725 newspaper works, corresponding to more than 460 media outlets worldwide, and has awarded reports of 287 journalists.

INSCRIPTIONS · From October 1st to 31st 2022 (both included)


Ways to present the form

Registered post

Send the form, attaching the work and a photocopy of your DNI to:

“Pica d’Estats” Prize
Patronat de Turisme of the Diputació de Lleida
Rambla Ferran, 18, 3r, 25007 Lleida

Attendance in person

Presented to the Official Register of the Patronat de Turisme of the Diputació de Lleida, at Rambla Ferran, 18, 3r, 25007 Lleida. This must be done by obtaining a prior appointment via the email address info@aralleida.catYou must provide a copy of the inscription/registration form, the work, and a photocopy of your DNI (National Identity Document).




Works competing for the prizes must be presented as follows:

Written press: an original copy of the publication in which the article appeared or a copy in PDF format.

Radio and television: a recording of the information or of the reports presented. In the case of news programmes, a selection of three connected programmes should be submitted, exactly as they were broadcast.

Internet: a presentation of the work exactly as it was published on the website. This can be presented on a multimedia CD, as an HTML or Flash file, in JPEG or GIF format, or printed on paper.


The total prize money is €45,000, which will be distributed as follows: 

• 1 special prize of € 10,000 for the best work presented in all of the 8 competition categories

• 7 prizes of €5,000 for each of the winners in the remaining competition categories


The competition is divided into 8 different categories, according to the type of support used for the project:

• Written Press

• Radio

• Television

• Press specialising in travel and tourism

• Photographic report 

• International press award, for the best report published or broadcast in a foreign country. 

• Local media prize, open to all local media from the Lands of Lleida.

 Internet prize, for web portals, interactive multimedia reports, or any other digital formats published on the internet or via social networks


The jury will be formed by recognised professionals from the world of information and communications. The members will be chosen by a resolution passed by the President of the Patronat Intercomarcal de Turisme of the “Terres de Lleida“. The jury shall meet in the city of Lleida, on Saturday 4th February, 2023, to decide the result.


The inscription sheet and works must be presented by their authors, or by any person or entity accrediting their consent to do so, within the period between 1st and 31st October, 2022 (both dates included). 

Form of the presentation (Article 5 of the Rules for the “Pica d’Estats” Prize):

The presentation of the request for participation/inscription sheet and the works can be carried out via any of the following procedures: 

1.- Telematically: 

Via the generic request form available via the “electronic procedures” section of the website: https://tramits.diputaciolleida.cat/TURISME/..


– To register online, you must use a valid electronic signature system.

– The application/registration form must be completed digitally, be in PDF format, and bear an electronic signature.

– If the documentation that needs to be attached in PDF (examples of journalistic work) occupies more than 20MB or other formats (audiovisual, photographs …) and therefore cannot be sent using the generic request form; it can be delivered via a link to a downloadable file sent to the email address info@aralleida.cat.

In this last case, it is necessary to cite the previously assigned registration number in the title of the document submitted and also during the submission process.

2.- In person:

Presented to the Official Register of the Patronat de Turisme of the Diputació de Lleida, at Rambla Ferran, 18, 3r, 25007 Lleida. This must be done by obtaining a prior appointment via the email address info@aralleida.cat. You must provide a copy of the inscription/registration form, the work, and a photocopy of your DNI (National Identity Document).

3.- Via certified mail:

Sent accompanied by a photocopy of a DNI (National Identity Document) to:

“Pica d’Estats” Prize

Patronat de Turisme of the Diputació de Lleida

       Rambla Ferran, 18, 3r, 25007 Lleida

The request/inscription sheet must be addressed to the President of the Patronat de Turisme via the website of the Patronat de Turisme: https://www.aralleida.cat/pica/


The “Pica d’Estats” Prize has a jury of the highest level, formed by prestigious professionals from the field of information and communications. The deans of the Col·legi de Periodistes de Catalunya (College of Journalists of Catalonia) have presided over the jury since the creation of the competition.


The jury for the 32nd edition of the “Pica d’Estats” Prize met on 5th February 2022. The jury was presided over by the Dean of the Col·legi de Periodistes de Catalunya, Joan Maria Morros. The other members of the jury were the journalists Lourdes Ballarín, Francesc Canosa, Santiago Costa, Josep Cuní, Pepa Fernández, Lluís Foix, Rafa Gimena, Francesc Guillaumet, Mariano Palacín and Mònica Terribas, with Juli Alegre, Head of Promotions and Marketing of the Patronat de Turisme, acting as secretary 3.


– Photography (Special Antonio Franco Estadella prize): Edgar Aldana Antón.Title: “La tardor s’acomiada/colors de tardor” (Autumn says goodbye/autumn colours) (“Lectura” from the

newspaper Segre).

– Written press providing general information: Rosa M. Bosch Capdevila. Title: “Los Pirineos atraen nuevos pobladores en tiempos de Covid” (The Pyrenees attract new settlers in times of COVID) (“Vivir Verano” in La Vanguardia).

– Television: Anna Solana Tomás and Pilar Granero Garrido. Title: “Les bruixes porten dol” (Witches in mourning) (TVE Catalunya). 

International press: Marie Costa. Title: “L’Urgell” (Magazine Cap Catalogne).

– Press specialising in travel and tourism: Elena del Amo Valero and Luis Sánchez Davilla. mTitle: “La Vall de Boí. Románico puro en el Pirineo” (The Boí valley: pure Romanesque art and architecture in the Pyrenees) (Magazine Viajar).

– Media from the Lands of Lleida: Òscar Fernández Sánchez and the producer Kionalia Project, consisting of Berta Lacruz, Òscar Manyoses, Àlex Vinyals and Marc Miranda. Títol: “ÈM ÇÒ QU’ÈM” (“I AM WHAT I AM”) (Lleida TV and the Xarxa de Televisions Locals de Catalunya and Betevé).

– Internet: Damià Chacón Albà. Title: “Superjardins” (“Supergardens”) (YouTube).

– Radio: José Lorenzo Díaz. Title: “Parque Nacional de Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici. Turismo de Altura” (“The Aigüestortes and Estany de Sant Maurici National Park: High Level Tourism”) (Cadena SER Jaén).


Relationship of members of the jury of the 'Pica d'Estats' prize in different editions of the award

Relationship of ''Pica d'Estats'' prize laureates in different editions of the award

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