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Mas de Colom - Casa Borges

Mas de Colom-Casa Borges is a site of heritage interest which has maintained the essence and austerity of its Cistercian origins. It also presents vestiges of original elements of construction. It has now been turned into a centre, and point of reference, for experiences, dissemination activities and didactics which promote the values ​​of the land, and its produce. This is done inside the old farmhouse. This is a truly unique space and one that is well-integrated with its environment and which promotes the conservation of biodiversity, culture, and sustainable mobility, through walking routes, and also has a point for charging electric vehicles.

The Mas de Colom estate has an action plan for the conservation of biodiversity and has already planted more than 3,000m2 of shrubs, aromatic herbs, and historic fruit trees that were in danger of disappearing. This plan helps to conserve and improve biodiversity through agricultural practices that promote the fixing of CO2, the reduction of erosion, and the mitigation of climate change, as well as facilitating the reproduction and nesting of steppe birds. In fact, 50% of its surface is included in the Anglesola-Vilagrassa nature network for the protection of bird species, with those protected including the lesser kestrel, Montigu’s harrier, and the European roller. This is the only farm in the whole of Catalonia that participates in the OBA (Agricultural Biodiversity Observatory) project, which is coordinated by the Global Nature Foundation. It does this with support and funding from the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, through the Biodiversity Foundation. It uses green energy, such as solar energy, and also more efficient forms of energy, such as aerothermal systems. In fact, both the farmhouse and the irrigation systems used on the estate incorporate water-saving devices. The centre offers various activities and workshops that encourage healthy habits, as well as providing environmental education and initiatives to raise the awareness of all kinds of visitors. Efforts are also made to ensure that the consumption of the materials used for its activities (tasting materials, detergents, brochures, etc.) come from biodegradable, recycled and/or recyclable sources.

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