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La Torre del Codina

Rural accommodations

La Torre del Codina is a destination that has restored the dry-stone architectural heritage and diversified the ecological crops on its estate. It has also introduced various forms of alternative energy, using thermal, wind and photovoltaic energy to the point of complete self-sufficiency. We also take advantage of rainwater and purify and reuse wastewater so that they can be used by different insect, bird, amphibian and mammal species and the local environment. 

We use home automation to monitor our consumption of electricity, water and biomass heating. 

We are located in the Protected Natural Space of Granyena and participate in a programme for introducing birds of prey. We have a hide for bird watching and we restore and build dry-stone walls. We offer routes through which to discover the physical, natural and cultural landscape of La Torre del Codina

We maintain 2.5 ha of agroforestry space for the propagation of wild flora and plant species and the reproduction of fauna. We also provide nesting boxes for birds and bats and have an Insect Hotel.

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