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Hotel Terradets

As hoteliers, it is our responsibility to conserve the environment, as this is the most important resource that we possess. It is also the legacy that we will leave to future generations.

Every year, we improve our facilities, carrying out a number of different interventions in order to improve our green contribution to the planet:

  • Our main heat source is a biomass boiler; it is fed with woodchips which are products of the sustainable management of Catalonia's forests.
  • Most of our rooms are equipped with an intelligent, energy-saving system to prevent unnecessary energy consumption.
  • Our cleaning and catering team uses ozone to clean and disinfect surfaces and clothes. This enables us to avoid the use of chemical products.
  • Reducing, reusing and recycling are the basic pillars of sustainability. With this in mind, every day, we work hard to separate and recycle all of the waste that we produce.
  • We offer meals prepared using local and seasonal products.
  • We are a Tesla Charging Destination: a point for charging up electric vehicles.

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