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Castell del Remei

The castle, the historic winery, the shrine to the Verge del Remei and the restaurant on the estate coexist with nature amidst a landscape of vineyards, woodland and lakes.

As well as the traditional peacocks and farmyard poultry of the Castell del Remei, the waterfowl, nesting storks, barn owls, kestrels and bats, and the proximity to the Estany de la Plana pool, combine to make this an ideal place for bird watching.

The Castell del Remei estate forms part of the 4th stage (Tàrrega-Linyola) of what is known as the Camí Català (Catalan Way), along the pilgrimage route of the Way of Saint James, which takes in San Juan de la Peña.

The most interesting part of visiting the Castell del Remei is discovering a historic winery. Visitors can live part of its history in person, during their visit. This estate offers: a lake, a pool full of migratory birds, an olive oil mill, a flour mill, a barrel maker, a distillery, the Shrine of the Verge del Remei and its pilgrimages, and 4 hectares of grass next to the water. These wide, open, healthy spaces are there to be enjoyed with the family.

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