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Apart-Hotel Alta Muntanya

Holiday rentals

Apart-Hotel Alta Muntanya is a private complex with 7 fully-equipped apartments. We have solar panels that produce 60% of the total energy used for the accommodation. We also have an organic vegetable garden and a small chicken farm.

Our current challenge is to minimize waste. 40% of household waste is compostable material, so everything that is organic can go back to its source: nature.

Water is a precious resource and one that we must strive to conserve by reducing its consumption. Laundry is a service that consumes a lot of water, so we only change towels and sheets when customers leave them on the floor.

We use the food that is not consumed in the apartments to feed the animals on our small domestic farm.

50% of the external lighting is solar powered.

We have 3 water tanks in which we collect rain water, which we then use to water the flowers that decorate the common areas outside our accommodation.

We organize excursions and outings in contact with nature, led by experts in the flora and fauna of the Vall de Boi. These allow visitors to learn about animal species, such as marmots and bearded vultures, and also the local flora!

The excursions will help visitors to discover the local environment and everything that forms part of it. In this way, they will also be made aware of the danger of extinction in which some of these species find themselves.

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