The origins route

“The Origins Route” brings together 6 different partners from the Pyrenean region that are actively involved in research and scientific diffusion.

“The Origins Route" invites visitors to embark on a journey through the Pyrenees in search of the origins of humanity. It helps them to understand that the disciplines of astronomy, palaeontology and archaeology all basically ask the same questions that many of us have already posed: who are we and where are we from?

Enter the realms of time; discover the moment at which the Universe was born; find out when the Earth and its landscapes first appeared; and discover the moments that witnessed the origins of life and of our ancestors.

Along the route, visitors will stop at scientific centres located at different points in and around the Pyrenean Massif. There, they will be able to explore and excavate archaeological and paleontological remains, observe the stars at night, discover an original exhibition, and/or watch a planetarium show.

The activities associated with the Route are aimed at both schoolchildren and the general public.


  • Centre for Observing the Universe, Àger:

This great, multi-space, leisure facility is dedicated to the teaching and promotion of astronomy.

The planetarium offers 2 shows related to the theme of Origins:

1st. “Natural Selection” which takes us with Darwin on a quest to discover the origins and evolution of species.

2nd. “The Origins of Life”, which examines some of the most profound questions in science. It looks at the origins of life and research into life beyond the Earth, beginning with the Big Bang and then, in chronological order, it examines prebiotic chemistry in the Universe, the creation of stars, the formation of the solar system, and the first life on Earth.

It is also possible to enjoy workshops on astronomy, rockets and astronomical observation.


  • The archaeological remains of the Roca dels Bous at St. Llorenç de Montgai:

A guided visit, led by a professional archaeologist, to the Neanderthal remains at the Roca dels Bous; each visitor will be provided with a digital touch screen (IPAD). Equipped in this way, the site becomes a window into the past which will provide a better understanding of how our ancestors constructed their social world.

  • Didactic Archaeological Park, St. Llorenç de Montgai:

The Park contains replicas of prehistoric camps and settlements and spaces that simulate the different elements of an archaeological excavation. It is also possible to enjoy workshops on archaeology and prehistory.


  • The Space City, Toulouse

Theme Park dedicated to astronomy and space.

It offers the following exhibitions within the framework of “The Origins Route”:

1. “The Centre of the Earth”, a collective game about the variety of forms of life on Earth, the incredible ability of life to adapt to change, and the question of its Origins.

2. “The Gateway to other Worlds”, an exhibition based on and around the question of the Origins of life on Earth and its possible existence elsewhere in the solar system and/or on exoplanets.

3. “The Observatory” offers a contemporary approach to astronomy and invites visitors to explore the sky above us, discovering the main objects in it and the main structures that can be found in the Universe.

It is also possible to enjoy the planetarium shows and the many activities and simulations relating to space research that are offered by the theme park.


  • À Ciel Ouvert, Fleurance (Midi-Pyrénées)

Within the framework of the route, the offer includes theme days for schools and weekend and holiday stays for families connected with astronomy:

o       Origins of the solar system.

o       Origins of the measurement of time.

o       Mythology relating to Origins.

o       The History of our Origins.

o       Research into our Origins.

It is also possible to enjoy astronomical observations and a whole host of workshops related with astronomy.


  • The Natural History Museum of Toulouse

A museum where Zoology, Botany, Ethnography, Geology, Palaeontology and History show the relationship between Human Beings, Nature and the Natural Environment.

This offer presents the Paleontological remains of Montreal du Gers at the Museum of Toulouse.

It is also possible to enjoy a number of temporary exhibitions, including one about prehistory.


More information: Oficina de Turisme de Catalunya a Lleida