Pica d’Estats Prize


The prize for journalism which is awarded each year by the “Patronat de Turisme” (Tourist Board) of the Diputació de Lleida is divided into 8 categories. This is the best financially endowed prize of its type in the whole of Spain.

Award ceremony for the winners of the 31st edition of the ``Pica d'Estats`` International Tourism Prize

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Photo gallery of the award ceremony for the 31st “Pica d'Estats” Prize

List of the prize-winning works and journalists in the 31st edition of the ``Pica d'Estats`` Prize

  •  The prize for the Best written press article providing general information went to the report entitled “Castles in Lleida province”, written by Daniel Romaní, with photography by Santi Iglesias, which was published in the newspaper “Ara”.
  • The prize for the Best press article specialising in travel and tourism was awarded to the report “Penelles, a village that is painting again”, written by Joaquim M. Pujals, with photography by Josep Cano, which was published in the magazine “Descobrir Catalunya”.
  • The prize for the Best television report went to “David versus Goliath”, by Eugenia Basauli and Eduardo Laplaza, which was broadcast by TVE in the programme “El Escarabajo Verde“.
  • The prize for the Best international press report was for “Una terra dai gusti forti” (‘A land of strong tastes’), written by Riccardo Lagorio and Andrea Deotto and published in the Italian magazine “Dove“.
  • The prize for the Best photographic report went to Carles Claraco for a series of spectacular photographs illustrating the report “The Door to the Sky: crossing the wildest Pyrenees”, which was published in the magazine “El Mundo de los Pirineos”.
  • The prize for the Best work by the local media from the Lands of Lleida went to the report entitled “The secrets of the ‘city’ of Lleida”, written by Roser Banyeres, with photography by Rafa Ariño, which was published in the supplement “Lectura” of the newspaper “Segre”.
  • The prize for the Best Internet journalism, and also the Jury’s Special Prize (worth €10,000), was awarded to the work “Artists travel by tractor”, by the video artist Sara Boldú, which was published at https://saraboldu.wixsite.com/artistesambtractor.

Jury for the 31st ``Pica d'Estats`` Prize

The jury for the 31st “Pica d’Estats” Prize was composed of leading professionals from the world of communications. The jury was presided over by Joan Maria Morros, the Dean of the College of Journalists of Catalonia. The other members of the jury were the journalists Josep Lluís Cadena, Francesc Canosa, Santiago Costa, Josep Cuní, Pepa Fernández, Lluís Foix, Antonio Franco, Rafa Gimena, Francesc Guillaumet, Mariano Palacín and Mònica Terribas. Juli Alegre, the head of Promotion and Marketing of the Patronat de Turisme, acted as secretary to the jury.

Photo gallery of the deliberations over the 31st "Pica d'Estats" Prize