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The main mission of the Area of Tourism of the Consell Comarcal de la Cerdanya (Local District Council of La Cerdanya) is to promote tourism in the comarca (local district). It seeks to do this by working to position, promote, and help people to discover this territory as a destination for mountain tourism. Its goal is to promote greater economic, cultural and human wealth, to create more activity for its tourist industry, and to improve the services provided.

For some time now, we have been committed to working towards the objectives of promoting sustainable development in all areas of our work: environment and climate change, society and culture, and governance and economy

With this in mind, we have green spaces around our office, we collaborate in improving habitats and we work on projects that seek to improve our economic and social environments. We also promote and support local sustainable agriculture and are involved in programmes and initiatives to foster the efficient use of energy, and a long etcetera. All of this work has culminated in us being given Biosphere Certified recognition.

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