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Lleida, a territory to enjoy all year round

Lleida is a territory to enjoy all year round. The high mountains of the Pyrenees and the wide plains of the Lands of Lleida are both ideal place for those who love nature, culture and adventure to enjoy their holidays.

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The fine air, the shortening days, the aroma of the forests and the subtle light awaken very deep-rooted feelings in the human subconscious, stirring memories of when autumn was a time for harvesting and storing in order to get through winter.

In the Pyrenees and the Lands of Lleida, where seasonal cycles are still experienced with great force, we can enjoy a variety of natural heritage, a unique geology and a unique flora and fauna. We will also be able to discover the cultural heritage that results from human interaction over the centuries, monuments, festivals and gastronomy.

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Discover the cultural heritage

The pleasant temperatures, which are cool in the morning and warm at midday, invite people to come and discover our natural and cultural heritage.

Walking from village to village, we will relive the Romanesque art and architecture of the Vall de Boí, which UNESCO has declared a World Heritage Site.

We can also discover the unique geology of the Pre-Pyrenees at the Geopark of the Tremp-Montsec Basin.

In the Lands of Lleida, it is easy for some of the routes that we follow to lead us to the rock paintings of El Cogul, which have been declared part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Iber settlements, Cistercian monasteries or frontier castles.

In every corner, you will find elements of our thousand-year-old culture.

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Enjoy autumn with all 5 senses

It is said that the local districts of Lleida are the pantry of Catalonia and it is necessary to underline that many of their products have been recognised for their outstanding quality: the DOP cheese and butter of L’Alt Urgell and La Cerdanya, the DOP pear of Lleida and the DOP olive oil of Les Garrigues, the IGP veal of the Pyrenees and the IGP almond nougat of Agramunt.

In autumn, Lleida is an explosion of sensations: smell, sight, taste, sound and touch.
Humidity, warm days and cool nights combine to fill the forests with mushrooms: a highly appreciated product.

This is also the time for harvesting grapes and a magnificent moment to discover the personality of the wines of the 7 subzones of the Costers del Segre Designation of Origin.

At the table, we will be able to discover the taste of the landscapes that we have walked or pedalled through!

Taste all the landscapes…

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The natural spaces of the Pyrenees and the Lands of Lleida

The fact that almost 35% of the territory is protected is an indication of the importance of the biodiversity to be found in the landscapes of the Pyrenees and the Lands of Lleida.

The Aigüestortes and Estany de Sant Maurici National Park, The High Pyrenees Natural Park and The Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park represent the high mountain landscapes of the Pyrenees.

At the other extreme, in the Drylands of the Lleida Plain, we find truly unique flora and fauna.
This list of protected spaces is complemented by the Montsec Massif, the Boumourt Sierra and the Odèn-Port del Compte Sierra.
The 69 protected spaces will allow you to discover the best of the nature in our local districts.

To do this, you have walks, excursions and crossings of different lengths and levels of difficulty adapted to meet every need.

Enjoy our nature…

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The Lleida Pyrenees include the largest skiable area in the whole of Spain, offering 11 ski resorts at which it is possible to enjoy alpine skiing, Nordic skiing and other snow-based activities, such as snowshoe excursions, dogsleighs, snowmobiles, etc. … And for après ski: spas, wellness, shopping, gastronomy, culture ….

Winter is also a time for magnificent sun-bathed ascents to the summits of the Pre-Pyrenean peaks, to discover the frontier castles by bicycle or to enjoy the blossoming of the fruit trees in the Lands of Lleida.

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The largest skiable area in Spain

The Lleida Pyrenees are largest skiable area on the Iberian Peninsula. The 11 ski resorts offer many ways of enjoying skiing: 304km of alpine pistes, 176km of Nordic skiing pistes and 85.5km of snowshoe routes.

Everyone will find something they like: mountain skiing for the most adventurous; freeride for innovators; and telemark or alpine skiing for the more classical skiers. For beginners and those who want to perfect their technique, each resort also has its own ski school and monitors.

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Non-stop adventure in the snow

People can enjoy the snow in many different ways. A short list of the activities that you can find in the Lleida Pyrenees includes: heliskiing, 4×4 snow driving, snowmobiles, snow surfing and splitboard, winter mountain climbing, high mountain ascents, diving under the ice, snow hockey, ice-skating, snowshoe biathlons, igloo building, ice climbing, dog-sleighs, snowshoes,
inclusive circuits, photography routes, spotting fauna, and interpreting tracks in the snow.

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Winter on foot

It is also possible to go walking in winter.
For those who like high places, in the Pre-Pyrenees and the Lands of Lleida you can find 29 of the highest peaks in Catalonia.
For people who like to walk and learn, there are the Cistercian Route and the Frontier Castles Route of La Segarra, or you can discover the dolmens of El Solsonès …
It is also possible to discover unique, mysterious, landscapes shrouded in the fog that covers parts of the Lands of Lleida in the coldest months of winter.

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Summer in the Lleida Pyrenees is an explosion of life and on our outings and crossings you will find yourself surrounded by high mountain flora and fauna, as well as over 500 lakes and pools.

This is a time of year that invites visitors to follow the 3000km of sign-posted walking paths, to discover small villages full of charm, and to combine this with other active tourism activities, such as rafting, gullying or paragliding …

In the Lands of Lleida, whether following minor roads, the Canal d’Urgell, or the Ivars and Vila-sana pool, by bicycle, it is possible to discover a territory of steppe birds, wine and olive oil routes, and quality products with their own Designation of Origin.

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Major excursions through the Pyrenees

From March to November is the best time for rambling.

When the snow melts in the Pyrenees, it is possible to discover countless pools on ascents through cool mountain valleys. Long Distance footpaths allow visitors to cross the whole of the territory, from valley to valley and from mountian shelter to mountain shelter, savouring great adventures.

Wide panoramic views and narrow gorges, carved out by rivers, are just two of the unique rewards offered by routes through the Pre-Pyrenees.

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The best bicycle routes

Les amateurs de bicyclette ont vraiment le choix.

Bicycle lovers have a lot to choose from.
The Lleida Pyrenees include 77 1st and 2nd category mountain passes, many of which lead to small settlements with a strong mountain character.
For those who love MTB, the 6 centres in the Pyrenees offer around 3000km of routes. These are classified into 4 levels of difficulty, ranging from very easy, to aimed at families, more technical routes, and those reserved for lovers of Enduro.
The gentle terrain of the Lands of Lleida and the course of the Canal d’Urgell offer an ideal place for easy cycle-tourism.

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Adventure on water and in the air

The rivers of the Pyrenees ensure water throughout the summer where fun coexists with white-water adventure: rafting, river-boarding (hydrospeed), canoeing, gullying …

Kayak routes and other activities on the peaceful waters of Lleida’s reservoirs also provide a very original view of the scenery.
Meanwhile, the most daring adventurers can take to the skies of Lleida, flying with companies that specialise in riding the winds and helping visitors to discover the territory from a bird’s-eye view, and with infinity at their feet.

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