The Route of Olius

About 4 km along the road from Solsona to Berga (C-26) visitors will find the church of Sant Esteve d’Olius (Pyrenees- El Solsonès - Spain), which is a fine example of 11th century Lombard Romanesque style architecture. The building has a single nave covered by a barrel vault and a square belfry with four semi-circular arched windows. Under the belfry, it is possible to observe some moulding decorated with eyelets. Another interesting feature of the church is the crypt dedicated to Santa Maria, which is formed by three small naves supported on six columns, all of which are different. The main point of access is via a central stairway, but on each side of this stairway it is still possible to observe the original accesses, each with five steps down.

Very close by, it is possible to visit the modernist-style (Art Nouveau) cemetery of Olius. This was built in 1916 by Bernardí Martorell, who had also collaborated in the construction of the Sagrada Famíliacathedral. It is a rather curious enclosure in which people are buried in the rock and where only those who either were born or have lived in Olius have the right to be buried.

Those wishing to visit the church should phone the Oficina de Turisme del Solsonès (Tourist Office) to check the visiting times.


More information: Oficina de Turisme del Solsonès i Solsona