The Path to Freedom and the Prison-Museum of Sort

Escaping from Nazism through the mountains

During the years of the Second World War, thousands of people crossed the Pyrenees either running away from Nazi brutality or in order to join up with the allied army in the North of Africa or in the UK. The mountain passes bore silent witnesses to their odyssey. It has been calculated that between about 60,000 and 80,000 fugitives crossed through these passes. Through the village of Sort village - where visitors can visit the prison-museum - passed one of the routes that connected the two French departments of Ariège and Haute Garonne to El Pallars Sobirà. This route is known as “The Path to Freedom”. This route is now well sign-posted and allows the hiker to follow in the footsteps of those wartime travellers. The route, whose Catalan side runs through the High Pyrenees Natural Park, begins at the municipality of Seix and ends at Alòs d’Isil. Together with the beauty of the landscape, visitors will also find complete information about the heritage value of this area, which makes this a significant example of what has come to be named “Historical Memory Tourism”.


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