The olive oil route

The liquid gold from the drylands

With the central theme of olive oil and the objective of acquiring what is considered the best olive oil in the world, it is possible to visit some of the places in the comarca (local district) of Les Garrigues and the south of L’Urgell and El Segrià which are included in the Les Garrigues Protected Designation of Origen and to contemplate the austere landscape of Les Garriges. In this dry territory, the villages are small and dispersed, bearing witness to the true star of the show: the olive tree. This tree is grown in every small corner, on staggered terraces with dry stone walls and on terrain where dry stone vaulted cabins are often half-hidden from view. Autumn is harvest time and, as well as the splendour and activity of the olive growing landscapes, this is also the moment to see the process by which olive oil is produced at the mills of the cooperatives which are present in each village. It is also a time to visit the rural museums and theme parks, castles, cave paintings and Iberic remains. As well as the DOP Les Garrigues, olive oil is also an important product in the comarca of La Noguera, with a presence at its food fairs and it is possible to enjoy guided visits to the premises belonging to the Association of Olive Oil Mills of La Noguera.


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