The Old Forges Route

Woods of iron in El Pallars Sobirà

According to age-old tradition, water, wind, earth and fire are the four elements that make up the world. They are also what the iron industry needs to develop and in the Vall Ferrera all four came together. This route, which starts at Tírvia and ends at Alins, follows the same path that donkeys used to tread in the past, loaded with iron ingots which had been produced in the three forges of the area. It is a route with a mild gradient which runs along the left-hand bank of Noguera de Vallferrera River and offers visitors the possibility to discover a heritage closely linked to iron mining, which was first development in Roman times and has persisted until the present. Visitors can follow the interpretation routes through the Bosc de Virós woods (the Costa dels Meners and Buiro routes) and around Alins (the Falles d’Alins (waterfall) and Torre de les Bruixes (witches’ tower) paths).


For further information: Oficina Comarcal de Turisme del Pallars Sobirà