The Mediaeval Bridges Route

Imposing Medieval constructions and communications

El Pallars Sobirà is a land of bridges, which were built in mediaeval times in order to connect villages and valleys. Most of them still continue to stand firm and look imposing, even to this day, giving an idea of the large network of bridle paths that El Pallars Sobirà still conserves. Villages such as Gerri de la Sal, Unarre, Esterri d’Àneu, Borén, Isil, Alós, Espot, La Torrassa, Escart, Tavascan, Cassibrós, Lladrós and Lladorre are places where visitors can enjoy these marvellous constructions which represent an important part of the cultural Heritage of this comarca (local district). This itinerary follows part of the trajectory of the River Noguera de Cardós, crossing from one bank to the other by means of these mediaeval bridges.


For further information: Oficina Comarcal de Turisme del Pallars Sobirà