Rutes a l’estany d’Ivars i Vila-sana

The largest inland lake in Catalonia

The Ivars and Vila-sana Pool was recovered in 2005 after it had been dried out in the 1950s. It is the largest inland lake in Catalonia and its fourth largest wetland area. As a result, it is an excellent place to visit in order to observe over 210 different species of birds. It is equipped with observation points and picnic areas and also offers bicycles for hire and two information points, where it is also possible to hire binoculars. Over the year, it has also been a venue for a series of educational, sporting and leisure activities. As well as the intrinsic interest of this space, the pool is at the centre of four of the most important tourist routes through the comarca (local district) of El Pla d’Urgell: the ornithological route, the horseback route, the route through the surrounding municipal areas and the variant of the Catalan section of the Way of Saint James.


For more information: Oficina de Turisme del Pla d'Urgell