Routes Vias Verdes

The Fundación de los Ferrocarriles Españoles  (Spanish Railways Foundation) has organised its 'Green Routes' programme with the aim of converting Spain's 7,000 km of disused railway lines into routes for cycle tourists and hikers.

The Green Route to the Vall Fosca (Dark Valley) passes through the district of El Pallars Jussà in Lleida (Spain) province and close to the Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park.


Technical details:

Location: Between Estany (Lake) Gento and Espui (Vall Fosca, El Pallars Jussà, Lleida - Spain).
Users: Hikers.
Longitud: 5 Km.
Accessibility for the disabled: Unsuitable.
Type of terrain: Unmodified land, conserving the original rail track.
Natural Setting: Glacial valley, Lakes in a high mountain area, Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park.
Cultural heritage: Romanesque churches of Sant Julià d'Espui and Capdella.
Infrastructure: Continuous track, 4 tunnels.


Information provided by:

Fundació de Ferrocarrils Espanyols
Ajuntament de la Torre de Capdella - Punt d'Informació Turisme Vall Fosca