Route to the Rural School of Castellar de la Ribera

The school is located in the nucleus of Castellar de la Ribera (Pyrenees-El Solsonès - Spain) and is a typical example of a rural school from the post-war period. The desks, ink-wells, blackboards, teacher’s desk, wood fire, maps of Spain, etc., provide a good idea of the atmosphere of the classrooms of that time. For a more direct vision of the past, visitors are invited to visit the school and re-live moments that belong to another time.

Next to the school, visitors will find the parish church of Sant Pere, with an altarpiece dedicated to the name of this saint. A walk around its accompanying square will offer them a magnificent panoramic view of the Ribera Salada and of the surrounding mountains.

To arrange visits to the rural school of Castellar de la Ribera, visitors should first phone the Oficina de Turisme del Solsonès.


More information: Oficina de Turisme del Solsonès i Solsona