La Vall d’Àssua i el Batlliu

Real and fictitious itineraries

This small, little-known, Pyrenean valley has been slipped into the pages of various successful novels in Catalan literature and has been mentioned in some of the books written by Jaume Cabré, Maria Barbal, Josep Maria Espinàs, Joan Lluís and Josep Virós. The Àssua valley and El Batlliu project offers these readers five thematic routes that run through its real and fictitious geography. These routes have been designed thinking about those who love reading and walking, but they are also for anyone who likes to let themselves fall in love with the type of scenery that forms the essence of a novel. The shortest of these routes takes about 2 hours and the longest up to 12. The website dedicated to the project provides detailed instructions, a technical file and the course followed by each route. There is also more information about the novels and their authors, and the villages and the services available in the local area.


For more information: La Vall d'Àssua i el Batlliu