L-2: the Republican Defensive Line

Witnesses to the Spanish Civil War

The L-2 is a section of the defensive line that was constructed in the comarques (local districts) of L’Urgell and La Segarra during the Spanish Civil War as a fortified military line to defend the republic. The route through what was a zone of conflict during the war is a Project designed with historic rigour to meet the dual objective of recovering the collective memory and conserving and disseminating the principles of freedom and democracy. It has been organised into three thematic blocks organised around a central thread which places the emphasis on the individual and on human suffering. The first block presents arbitrary actions and reprisals in the republican zone, starting with the actions of uncontrolled elements and the SIM. The second shows how difficult life was in the immediate rear guard. The tirad block will show how life was under the newly imposed Francoist regime. It is possible to see various types of construction: trenches, sniping nests, covered trenches, machine gun nests and observation points.


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