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Tres ponts

Alt Urgell





Three Ponts is a rock-climbing zone next to the River Segre, located near Organyà, which boasts a great variety of routes and limestone rock.

Popularity of the zone
Popularity of the zone This is a very popular place for climbing, above all in summer. It offers a great variety of routes of varying degrees of difficulty.

The access path is in very good condition and it is easy to fi nd somewhere to park.

Vantage points and emblematic locations
There is a great variety of landscapes. The point of access to the sector also forms part of the Way of St. James and the Camí dels Pontarrons; this is a very attractive location.

Chris’s ties with the zone
This is one of the fi rst places where Chris went climbing in summer. It is a highly recommendable place as it is protected from the sun by shadow from midday. There is always a wind blowing and so it is possible to climb here even on very hot days


Difficulty of the routes: From V to 8c
Orientation: EAST
Metres of route: Up to 40m
Team: Bolts
Existing reviews of the sector:
Popularity of the area: 5
Type of rock: Limestone


Easily accessible from the road: 5
Is it necessary to walk?:
Length of walk: 5'
Type of terrain: 4
Proximity to Lleida: 1h 30'
Access road in good condition: 5
Easy to park: 5


Barranc de Lavansa
Coll de Nargó
Chris's relation with the sector: 5
Number of routes opened by Chris: 5