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La Cova Gran de Santa Linya






La Cova Gran de Santa Linya is a spectacular cave of great dimensions and a large number of routes have been equipped inside it. It is possible to enjoy a very modern form of rock-climbing and some really impressive routes.

Popularity of the zone
This is one of the most popular places amongst the best rock-climbers in the world. It is also an incredible sector to climb in winter and even on wet days.
The quality of the rock is very high and it has some very curious rock formations, with some spectacular overhangs.

There is a flat track, which is easily accessible, and a tarmac road that lead as far as the car park, where it is possible to park comfortably. It is just 5-10 minutes from the Cova Gran.

Vantage points and emblematic locations
The cave is spectacular. In addition, several archaeological excavations are currently under way inside it. As a result, there are times of the year when the cave is closed. It is very important to respect this in order to avoid endangering the future of this space.

Chris’s ties with the zone
This is a very valuable site for difficult rock climbs and it is recognised at the international level. The climbing community is convinced that it can coexist with the archaeological excavations without causing any damage to the local area.


Difficulty of the routes: From 7 to A 9b
Metres of route: Up to 50m
Team: Bolts
Existing reviews of the sector:
Popularity of the area: 5
Type of rock: Limestone


Easily accessible from the road: 5
Is it necessary to walk?:
Length of walk: 10'
Type of terrain: 5
Proximity to Lleida: 45'
Access road in good condition: 5
Easy to park: 5


La Cova Gran de Santa Linya
Chris's relation with the sector: 5
Number of routes opened by Chris: 5