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Located in the Pyrenees, Canalda is a village in the eastern part of the municipality of Odèn, in the northern part of the comarca of El Solsonès. It includes four walls of multicoloured conglomerate rock which, despite their easy access, offer us the possibility of a few peaceful days of climbing.

Popularity of the zone
This has never been a very frequented site and is therefore not crowded. Its overhangs, its capricious forms and the typical bulges that characterize climbing at Canalda continuously demand great effort from your forearms.

At present, there is no offi cial place to park; visitors therefore tend to park along the road.

Vantage points and emblematic locations
Excursions are organised around the rock walls throughout the year in order to visit several of its caves, which are full of history: Coves dels Moros, Espluga de Melera, Ca l’Andreu and Ca la Rita.

Chris’s ties with the zone
If you are looking for a zone with access but which, at the same time, does not jeopardize the peace and quiet of the climb, Chris recommends visiting the Roca de Canalda. It is possible to climb here throughout the year and it is quite demanding given its overhangs, capricious formations and bulges. In addition, it offers long routes, of up to 300 m, that really put your resistance and mental capacity to the test.


Difficulty of the routes: From 4 to 6c+
Orientation: Depends on the wall
Metres of route: 150 to 200m on average
Team: Bolts | Splits | Hand drills
Existing reviews of the sector:
Popularity of the area: 3
Type of rock: Conglomerate


Easily accessible from the road: 5
Is it necessary to walk?:
Length of walk: 3
Type of terrain: 4
Proximity to Lleida: 1h 45'
Access road in good condition: 5
Easy to park: 4


Roca de Canalda
Chris's relation with the sector: 5
Number of routes opened by Chris: 5