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Bagergue is a settlement in the municipality of Naut Aran, in the Val d’Aran. It is located at an altitude of 1,490 m and is the highest inhabited settlement in the valley.

Popularity of the zone
It is very interesting as a climbing zone because it is possible to enjoy various types of climbing (sport-climbing, dry tooling, etc.). What is more, its short routes, which have been re-equipped with new material in the last year, make this an ideal destination for sports lovers who are looking to test themselves to the limit and engage in a more physical type of climbing.

There is a car park at the entrance to the settlement of Bagergue.

Vantage points and emblematic locations
The municipality of Bagergue has a beautiful historical nucleus and boasts the distinction of being a Vila Florida (fl ower settlement). It was the fi rst Catalan settlement to be recognised as the “prettiest village in Spain”, in 2019. Since 2014, the Val d’Aran has enjoyed the distinction of being a Biosphere Destination. This recognises the importance that this territory has placed on responsible and sustainable tourism.

Chris’s ties with the zone
Bagergue is one of the best-kept secrets in the Lleida Pyrenees. Chris emphasizes its versatility, as it allows the practice of different types of climbing.


Difficulty of the routes: From 4a to 8b
Orientation: EAST/NORTH-EAST
Metres of route: Short
Team: Bolts
Existing reviews of the sector:
Popularity of the area: 4
Type of rock: Granite


Easily accessible from the road: 5
Is it necessary to walk?:
Length of walk: 10'
Type of terrain: 5
Proximity to Lleida: 2h 30'
Access road in good condition: 5
Easy to park: 5


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